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First-time vaginal intercourse could be intimidating for everyone, but those of us with a vagina may experience slight excess anxiety. Not only are you going to have your first sex, but you might also expect some pain and possibly some bleeding.

If you're getting ready to have sex for the initial time, you've likely got a lot of queries regarding the wherefores and whys; for example,

  • Does the first-time sex hurt a female?
  • What causes certain women to bleed?
  • You might indeed even have questions about the hymen, such as what it means and how painful it can be when broken.

Take comfort in knowing, that we have everything you require to know about the hymen and what tends to happen the initial time you have vaginal intercourse.

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  • There will be a wide range of emotions in the run-up to your first experience with vaginal penetration.
  • You could be both thrilled and anxious at the same time.
  • Whatever your feelings are, the most essential thing is to ensure that you are prepared and that both your companion and you have agreed to what you are going to do.
  • When it comes to the sex itself, it's essential to be comfy, relaxed, and cheerful.
  • If you are anxious, make your partner aware so that they could keep a watch on you and confirm in with you on a constant schedule.
  • You will be ready to allow them to penetrate you at first when both of you are prepared and the proper protection such as a dotted condom is in place.
  • When your companion enters you, their penis may extend and tear your hymen if it is still unbroken.


So, what do you mean by a hymen? The hymen is a tiny bit of skin discovered within the vaginal opening. The hymen is commonly misunderstood to be a comprehensive membrane that encloses the entire opening of the vagina, but this is not the situation. In most instances, the hymen is shaped like a half-moon, allowing menstrual blood to flow through.

It's essential to keep in mind that not all female hymens will be unbroken by the time they have their first vaginal intercourse. Hymens could indeed rupture during a variety of activities other than sex, such as the insertion of a tampon or horseback riding. A few women might be born with a hymen that is too small or some be born without hymens at all. However, while having sex you must always keep in mind to use male and female condoms for extra protection against unwanted pregnancy as well as STIs.


The appearance, such as the remaining portion of the vagina, varies from individual to individual. As previously stated, a few women are born with relatively tiny hymens, while others are born with no noticeable hymen at all, implying that hymens come in all different sizes and shapes.

A hymen could take the form of a half moon, a piece of paper of tissue covering almost the entire vaginal opening, or a band of tissue running through the middle of the vagina, or it may not be noticeable at all.

If you are interested to know about the appearance of your hymen, which is located close to the front of the opening of the vagina, you might well be able to analyze it yourself at residence utilising a flashlight and hand mirror. Getting in the correct position to analyse your hymen could be difficult, so if you have any issues with your hymen, always consult a medical professional.

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As previously stated, when having vaginal penetration sex for the initial time, you may experience some pain or/and bleeding. This is a completely normal process. Once you've had your initial vaginal intercourse, the hymen would continue to stay in your vagina - assuming you had one in the first position - but it would now be extended to the edges of the opening of the vagina and should not cause you any problems in the coming years.

After your initial experience with vaginal penetration, you might experience mild discomfort. If your unpleasantness persists, you must see your doctor as soon as possible.

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