What is the most sensual way of using condom?

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What is the most sensual way of using condom?

Condoms are recommended while having sex to ensure safety and prevent accidental pregnancy. However, there are a lot of men who don’t like them as they feel they are a barrier to the pleasure. Then what is the most sensual way to use condoms? A lot of new type of condoms have come out in the market. The thickness of them is minimal and they can make the sex even more tantalizing to men. Now let’s understand what the most sensual way to use condom is. Intimate sex: Feel thin condoms

Feel thin condoms are perfect for those men who enjoy close proximity with their partners as much as possible and swear by the belief that zero distance contact will lead to more comfort. Feel-thin condoms are thinner than usual condoms and men will feel like "putting on a veil" instead of being disturbed by them. They are extremely soft and comfortable. So while lovemaking, you can make the most of the intimate contact with your partner's body.

Long-lasting passion: Extended pleasure condom

For the men who wants to prolong the sex and revel in pleasure for an extended period, the best choice is Extended Pleasure condoms. They enhance the chance of contraception, stop the spread of bacteria and decrease penis sensitivity and make sex more durable.
More stimulation: dotted and ribbed condoms
If the man wants to take the excitement to a new level and get more passionate response, then the perfect choice will be opting for ribbed and dotted condoms.

Sweetness of sex: fruit-flavored condoms

Sex is sweet, but can you enhance the sweetness? Perfume is not at all a good option. Fruit-flavored condoms are the best choice! Fruit-flavored condoms has the same smell of fruits and they are completely toxic-free and safe. Use it whenever you feel like if you and your partner both enjoy it. These are the new batch of condoms that will give your skin a natural feel.