5 ways you can have her gasping for more

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Sex Moves That Women Crave

Bust these 5 moves that will make her toes curl and her eyes widen with surprise – these are guaranteed to make sex incredible for her!

Making love to a woman can be quite complicated, but not if you know what to do and where to touch her. If you want her to yearn for your touch even when you’re away, it means you’re doing something right. But if you want to up the ante of your lovemaking, here are 5 of thebest sex moves for her:

1 - Jump her when she gets home. But not in a creepy way! Tell her you’ve been waiting for her and then proceed to kiss her urgently on the lips. Lead her to the nearest couch or into the bedroom, and pull down her pants or skirt. Your urgency will excite her as well, so she will respond by taking off her clothes quickly. Now proceed to give her the works, telling her how sexy she is and how good her body feels. 

2 Hit her G spot. Most guys don’t know what the G spot is. It is a fleshy structure located about two inches on her frontal vaginal wall. Deep penetrative sex may stimulate it, as can inserting a finger inside her. The best way to hit it is by having doggie style sex, where she rests her elbows on the bed to give your penis a better chance to glance against her G spot. Hit it repeatedly – preferably with a ribbed condom – and she will be left moaning with pleasure.

3 - She’s receptive on her shoulders.  A surprising erogenous zone for many women lies across the shoulders and back. When you are spooning her, gently run your lips across her shoulder blades and breathe heavily into her skin. She will respond with a sigh or a quiver, so you know you’ve got her going. Now touch her labia with lubed fingers and kissing her shoulders and back – don’t linger over any area of skin for more than five seconds – and gradually increase the intensity of your touch on her clitoris and vagina. 

4 - Give her oral. Sometimes, all she wants is to lay back and be ravaged. But instead of lingering over the rest of her body, go straight to where it matters – let your tongue and lips do the talking on her clitoris, vulva and vagina. Be gentle and probing, and soon her breathing will quicken and her body will tense up. Be sure to stimulate her harder and faster as you go along, bringing her to a shuddering climax. 

5 - Give her your ‘breast’  moves!   If you think a woman likes to be touched and sucked only on her nipples, you’ve got another think coming. One of the best sex moves for her involves cupping her breasts while you are inside her and squeezing gently at regular intervals to make her gasp.