Which is a Better Way to Use Condoms

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Which is a Better Way to Use Condoms

Everyone has to try new things with changing phases of life. We might be comfortable with few, while few things might seem awkward too. People sometimes get so nervous about their first sex that they don't even know how to use condoms. Condoms are important as they provide protection during sex. Not only can they effectively prevent pregnancy, they can prevent AIDS and other STDs as well. Everybody needs to be well-informed on how to use condoms for a fascinating sex life.

You must assure few things before using a condom. You should only buy a condom that fits your penis. If the condom is too big, it will slip off, but if it is too tight, it will break easily. Before opening the package, you should also ensure that the condom is not expired.

While opening condom, squeeze it to the other side and then gently tear the package by hand. Do not cut the package with scissors or other sharp tools to avoid breaking the condom. Also be sure of what's on the inside and outside of a condom. Many men wear the condom inside out when they have sex. Many condoms have chemical substances on the inside or outside. Wearing them inside out might cause unpleasant stimulation.

Remove the air in the reservoir tip of the condom before wearing it. Avoid interacting your penis with partner’s intimate area before putting on the condom. Ensure that the condom is tight on the base of your penis and stop the action immediately if it breaks during sex. Don’t forget to use emergency contraception if you doubt that semen has flown into your partner’s vagina.

Apart from using condom, it is equally important to know when to remove the condom. Post ejaculation, hold the bottom of the condom and take it off before your penis softens. Make sure no semen flows out of the condom. Sometimes the penis would stay erect after sex and be ready for another intercourse. In this case, wash off the semen and change to a new condom. While removing the condom, your hand will touch the semen, so avoid touching your partner’s sexual organ without washing your hands properly.

By now, you would be clear about ways of using a condom efficiently. Durex condoms is easy to use and provides a comfortable feeling, so when you have desire for sex, use Durex condom and forget about anything else.