Which Is A Better Condom? Well, The Answer Depends On Your Need.

Which condoms are good


Which Is A Better Condom? Well, The Answer Depends On Your Need.

In today’s time, there are a plethora of options in every possible category. The condom industry is no exception. With an array of choices available in this industry, it really boils down to an individual’s need.

While the constant debate of "which type of condom is better? has gone too far with no specific answer to it. The best answer that we have so far is that ‘it differs from person to person.’ Also, it depends on which brand suits oneself.

Listed below are few criteria by which one can choose a condom. Read on to be safe.

Condoms have multiple function:

Traditionally, condoms were viewed as a simple contraception solution. But now, with the new inventions and development in the field of science and technology, condoms currently are also used to enhance the lovemaking process. The advancement in the production technique has paved a new way to make each moment more enjoyable and memorable.

Which condoms can enhance the contraceptive effect?

One of the significant and common reasons for using condoms is the protective effect. Two things to keep in mind. One is that the effect is highly dependent on the thickness and the texture of the condom. For example,Durex Pleasure me condoms feature the right thickness and have a ribbed surface which offers more safety to the couple. Also, the quality meets the international standards. Adding to that, these condoms are comfortable to wear.

How do condoms help in enhancing the pleasure?

The only way to ensure that you derive the most pleasure from that intimate moment is by using the right condom. The ribbed condoms are sure to enhance the pleasure. A combination of dots and ribs texture adds to the overall experience. Easy to put on, these condoms offer extra satisfaction when flared. So, make your lovemaking process a pleasurable one with these condoms.

How long do condoms last?

It’s only better if good things last long. The Durex Pleasure Me or Extended Pleasure contains a special lube called Benzocaine which helps in enhancing the pleasure and prolongs the climax. Coated in unique fragrances, these Durex condoms only augments the whole experience and intimate moments. These condoms help you to arrive at the climax and stay there longer.

However, pursuits in lovemaking differ from person to person. A couple might look for different things in different phases and stages of their life. Hence, it is essential to know which condom comes the closest to your need and desire. And thus, it is of the utmost importance to identify and communicate with your partner to understand what they want. Maximum times, the key to a happy and satisfied private life is knowing that both – your partner and you – are not just physically but also mentally and emotionally satisfied during lovemaking.

Durex is one of the well-known names when it comes to the condom industry. With the latest technology and understanding of their customer’s needs, the brand has made some essential modifications in their products. They have optimized the latex in their product through professional vulcanization process. This is checked, verified and tested in the laboratory. Durex has also undertaken thorough quality checks of their products by strict real-time monitoring and spot checks. These spots are also checked under various temperature and on all kinds of materials that go into the production of the condoms.