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STI's - All the Facts

Find out about Sexually Transmitted Infection's (STI's) - symptoms and treatment... Thrush What is it? Thrush is a condition caused by a mostly harmless yeast which lives on human skin, the mouth, gut, and vagina. This yeast can sometimes grow out of its normal proportion, more than it should. How is it spread? You can get thrush from unprotected sex, though there are other ways, too. What are the symptoms? There may not be any visible signs and symptoms of thrush, but the condition can cause discomfort in the genital area, for both men and women. In women: - It causes a thick vaginal discharge that looks like cottage cheese and smells foul - There may be itching or redness...

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Like a Virgin

Getting to Grips With Sex   When it comes to sex, the first time could be scary for many. The most common fears include the possibility of pain, bleeding, if it will change things between the couple or the chance of going wrong. The key to enjoying however lies in being relaxed, happy with your partner, and most of all feeling secure. Communication helps too, sharing feelings, fears and concerns can help establish boundaries (eg. We will only do it if we use protection.). Knowing a person better also ensures that it won’t end badly, knowing what each partner wants from the relationship is a good way to establish a strong sexual chemistry. A good way to start the whole...

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Man Up!

How to talk condoms with a woman   You might think that men are the ones who need to be talked into using condoms, but some women can be just as bad. Tackle the condom question to keep yourself safe. If a woman says she doesn't want to use a condom, it's not time to party. If she says it to you, who else has she said it to? Even if she doesn't have a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), - you also have to ask yourself if you’re ready to have unplanned pregnancy? Using a condom shows you respect your partner. Tell her this. If you respect her more than she respects herself, is sex really a good idea? Condoms...

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No Glove No Love

How to make him use a condom   While some men are sensible enough to carry condoms in their wallets or bags and use them when needed, there are others that try to dissuade women from using one during sex. As a woman, you must stay safe from an unplanned pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) by carrying condoms, even if he doesn’t, and using them. If a man says he doesn't want to use a condom for sex, tell him straight up that you’re not ready for a pregnancy. A man may be willing to risk an STI, but he's unlikely to risk an unplanned pregnancy. Using a condom shows that you respect each other. If he doesn't respect...

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Come again?

Understanding Orgasm   If there’s a reward for sex, it is undoubtedly the orgasm. Sadly there are certain things than can affect someone’s ability to achieve them, for instance, if you're sleepy, unfit, have a poor diet, drink, smoke or take drugs, your ability to come may get affected. A healthy body is key to a healthy climax.  Other factors that might influence said activity, such as not being ready for sex; either due to nervousness, fear of pregnancy, or previous traumatic experiences. If you feel any of these factors are affecting you, we advise you to see your general physician. But there’s no reason to worry, even if your partner can or cannot make you orgasm, it is often...

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