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Explore — Safe sex

No Glove No Love

How to make him use a condom   While some men are sensible enough to carry condoms in their wallets or bags and use them when needed, there are others that try to dissuade women from using one during sex. As a woman, you must stay safe from an unplanned pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) by carrying condoms, even if he doesn’t, and using them. If a man says he doesn't want to use a condom for sex, tell him straight up that you’re not ready for a pregnancy. A man may be willing to risk an STI, but he's unlikely to risk an unplanned pregnancy. Using a condom shows that you respect each other. If he doesn't respect...

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Right for the Night

The dos and don'ts of casual sex   Relationships can be great for the mind and body, but sometimes, you feel like you’re not in a space where you want intense sex that ‘means something’ to you. You might be more focussed on your career or social life than finding a special someone. That’s fine – sex does not have to come with conditions. But a little thought and consideration can make even casual sex fun. Protect Yourself: Every new partner may bring new health risks. Not using a condom is just asking for trouble, and even an unplanned baby. And oral sex carries the risk of sexually transmitted infections, too. So please wear condoms. Look and Learn: Some STIs reveal themselves...

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Mixing It Up

Bringing a new twist to old positions Mixing It Up Bringing a new twist to old positions Sex is wonderful, but it can get repetitive! Most couples have sex in only about three popular positions. If your sex life is caught in a rut, you will need some new tricks to infuse new life into your bedroom activities. Often, the small changes can make your love life explode and make you capable of astonishing feats in the bedroom! Change location. You could be having sex in the missionary position for years now – just try having it on the kitchen table instead of in the bed. Different surfaces and furniture contort your bodies in different positions, so exploration becomes pleasurable...

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Sex and Pregnancy

Facts and fallacies   There’s often a sense of taboo surrounding sex during pregnancy. While many of us are misinformed, there is absolutely no harm in having a healthy sex life during the time. Here are some of the most common misconceptions people are likely to believe about the subject: Myth 1: One shouldn’t have sex during pregnancy. One myth many believe is that you can’t have sex during pregnancy. The truth however, if that there are no complications, one can have sex till the very last few days. Nonetheless it is imperative that you check with your doctor beforehand, just to be sure it is safe.  Myth 2: Sex can harm the baby. As previously mentioned, sex will not...

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Male insecurities creeping up? Drive them away!

Common Male Insecurities   Everyone has insecurities and 'manning up' doesn't mean you have to deny your feelings: accepting yourself is far more manly. Here are some of the most common concerns. Penis size: Too small? Too big? Shower (looks big when flaccid but doesn't grow much) or grower (looks smaller but expands more when aroused)? Penis size can occupy far more space in your brain than it needs to. Porn is size-obsessed but a small penis doesn't hamper sex. In fact, some sex acts are much easier. Just make sure you get a condom that fits. Erections: From unwanted erections when you're not in a sexual situation (or indeed, when you are) to lack of rigidity when you want...

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