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Safe Sex is Good Sex

Learn about different types of contraception to help have happy and safe sex... Male Condom     Top 4 Plus Points - You only need to use them during sex - They protect against a range of STIs, including HIV and AIDS - They are easily available - They are available in many shapes and sizes for many needs Any bad points? - You can interrupt sex when you stop to put them on - Some couples don’t like the lack of feeling with condoms Where can I get them from? Condoms are available at your doctor’s clinic, family planning clinics, local hospital, pharmacies, supermarkets and online stores.   Female Condom The Plus Points - You only need to use...

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Timing is Everything

Are you ready for sex?   Not everyone is ready for sex at the same stage in life. Only you can know if you are ready for it. But how can you be sure? Go through this checklist to help you decide if you are ready. If you have any doubts on any point, it might be better to wait. There is only one first time for sex, so it’s better to be sure.  Does the idea of having sex make you happy? Do you feel emotionally, physically and mentally prepared for sex? Do you know what ‘having sex’ really means? Penetrative sex is just one way to give each other sexual pleasure, but other forms of sex such as...

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Easy Come, Easy Go

Orgasm issues for her   American films and TV shows often depict orgasms as easy and simultaneous. The reality is different, however. Many women often struggle to climax during sex, while others find that they orgasm too soon. Some women do not orgasm unless manually or orally stimulated. An orgasm is often a complicated response, but the going is easier if you understand what is happening. Consider the following common orgasm-related issues women face: Lack of orgasm: This can have either a physical or psychological cause, but it could also be as simple as a lack of foreplay. Some women report being unable to self-lubricate despite foreplay. Others simply do not feel sexual desire. These are signs that you are...

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Plenty More Fish in the Sea

Sex after a break up   Almost everyone experiences heartbreak at some point in their lives. Some react by heading straight out to look for new love. Others cry ‘Never again!’ Only you know what will work best for you – though if you're feeling emotional, it can be a good idea to keep your friends in the loop so they can help guide you away from damaging behaviour.  In the initial phases of grief, many people turn to drink or drugs to numb the pain. However, if you try to drown your sorrows there's a strong chance they'll float, and it can be easy to make damaging decisions when you're under the influence. If you've been with a partner...

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Sex, Love and Dry Spells

Sex, Love and Dry Spells   Sex as a subject has the ability to make most people tongue-tied. And yet, there are so many unanswered questions about so many sex-related issues. So we attempt to bust some myths about sex so that you can get to the truth – starting with… I'm not normal People have tremendous insecurities about their bodies. Hairy nipples, sagging breasts, lopsided testicles – everyone has something they don’t like about their bodies. Besides, every person has a set idea of what they find sexy and in whom. The good news is, there are many others who like you, are too shy to discuss these concerns openly. Relax, you are normal and it is fine to...

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